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How does Tsui plan to solve this problem? Adopting climate justice: an approach that treats social justice and environmental activism as one and the same. “There is no quick fix for anything, but we have to start restoring community care and living with less individualism and collectivism,” said Tsui. For her, community is at the core of fighting social disparities and an answer to many of the mental health struggles people face as a result of the climate crisis. “Part of that also acknowledges that there are marginalized communities that have experienced profound, existential crises and that we can learn from them in a way that honors those who came before us and build the resilience they’ve cultivated,” she explains.

Philadelphia Eagles Swoop Mascot Jalen Hurts T-shirt

In Tsui’s personal life, finding community means cultivating friendships both within and outside the climate justice movement. “You need people to support you back and friends you can rely on, because the pain of working in this space is exhausting.” In Bristol, where Tsui moved after graduating from Imperial College London with a master’s degree in ecology, evolution and conservation, she forged friendships with non-climate activists and kept stand her ground. She added: “It’s important to spend time with people who don’t do the same thing as you. However, she notes that the experience of being on the January digital cover of Vogue with Billie Eilish and a group of eight youth activists from around the world has made a truly important statement. important to the fashion world. “The fashion industry is responsible for environmental degradation, injustice and human rights violations,” she said. “With a platform like Vogue, I think there’s a real opportunity here to talk to the powerhouses and brands and say: ‘Sustainability is already there and climate justice is what we’re talking about. care about.'”

Philadelphia Eagles Swoop Mascot Jalen Hurts T-s hoodie

As Tsui astutely points out, the fashion industry’s guilt over the climate crisis continues to be mitigated through PR, with activists like her sometimes being used smugly. symbolic in advertising campaigns and cover photography to cover the dark side of the industry it serves. “I don’t know how many of Vogue’s readers really know how responsible the fashion industry is for environmental degradation, injustice and human rights abuses,” said Tsui. , who quickly realized that efforts were being made to ensure all clothing was made. within those parameters. “Stylists said it was difficult to find sustainable clothing,” recalls Tsui. “Obviously it’s not difficult if you have the money and resources, and it’s not hard to get sustainable clothing—everyone can access it. And this should also be something that media companies should prioritize, because otherwise, they will become part of the problem.” As Tsui said, the idea that people who work in the fashion industry but do not manufacture garments should feel some sort of relief is equally daunting. “You have a platform that legitimizes these brands, you have a background that focuses on celebrities, people who are wearing the clothes of people who are very easily able to make their activities stand out,” said Tsui. should be more sustainable.

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