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That way, I can use a full swing with a 7 or 8-iron. Nothing fancy; just a routine 3w, 8i, two putts and move on. Now, if you hit your 5-iron 175 yards comfortably, a 5i off the tee and one more from the fairway will get you to the 150-yard marker. Some like to believe that using your 3w on a tight hole- a narrow fairway with long rough and/or many trees- because you tend to be more straight with a fairway wood. There is truth to this. The 3w has a shorter length, more loft, and are generally heavier, and all lend itself to hitting straighter shots, especially compared to the driver. The point of all this is, there’s nothing set in stone about what clubs you use when and where. You’re under no obligation to use your driver, and you don’t have to justify not using it. It’s just one tool in the tool box… or bag, I suppose. There are only a half dozen possibilities. Let’s start with “”do you really know” the distances you’re achieving? Are they the same make of club, same brand/flex shaft? Same length? Most people swing a lot harder with the driver, creating an out to in path, when they have a decent path with their other clubs. That alone could explain it! …… I’ve stopped using wood tees except as a backup to the plastic ones because wood tees break frequently. Broken tees lying all over the tee boxes are unsightly and therefore require picking up…which means both broken halves. Plastic tees get used over and over. Ok. So, I believe many wooden tees are made from pine, but there are some stylish hardwood versions. Perhaps they don’t break as easily. They do however cost more to begin with.

Argentina Lionel Messi the last dance fifa world cup shirt

First off, there are a lot of golfers out there that would benefit from using a 3 wood rather than a driver. I recently wrote an article “Why Driving With A 3 Wood Can Lower Your Scores For many amateur golfers, they simply aren’t generating enough swing speed to have any noticeable difference in distance between a 3 wood (which is often about 15 degrees of loft) and a Driver (often 9–12 degrees of loft). In order to see a distance difference you need to be swinging the driver at least 80+ mph AND also making solid contact. It’s that solid contact part where a lot of golfers end up benefiting from their 3 wood. A 3 wood is shorter and thus easier to control than a driver, so most golfers can make contact on the sweet spot more consistently. That means on average your 3 wood strikes will give you better results than driver strikes (even if you do hit the driver farther when you happen to hit the sweet spot). Remember, that a good round of golf isn’t about occasionally hitting a good shot, its about avoiding the bad shots.

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Add to this that the less loft of the driver also tends to result in more hooks and slices. That’s because more loft means more backspin and backspin can reduce the effects of side spin (which happens when the club isn’t square at contact). But more likely, it means that you tend to hit down on the ball, which is a good thing for every club except the driver. So you don’t want to completely change your swing for the driver…that will have a negative effect on your swing with the other clubs. So changing your setup with the driver may help. You want to have a slight bit of spine tilt AWAY from the target. You should also be playing the teed up ball somewhere around your left big toe (for a right handed golfer). But experiment with the ball position and amount of spine tilt. But DON’T try and hit up on the ball with your hands. Let the setup create that club path. Trying to do it with your hands will result in scooping, flipping, casting and a big loss of clubhead speed and ultimately a loss of distance and accuracy.

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