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Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles Arizona Bound Shirt

I had a co-worker who was out unexpectedly one day. Things seemed different when he came back. He wouldn’t talk about it directly, but he was no longer living with his wife and she had initiated divorce proceedings. All he would say was that when there was something to know, we’d all know it. Well, the big reveal came the day he was sentenced to six months in jail for possession of child pornography. He applied for a leave of absence to do his jail time, but he was fired instead. What neither he nor any of us saw coming was the reason used to fire him. The police had seized all the computer equi One was a guy that worked just a few feet from me. I always thought he was a bit odd, but he seemed like a nice guy and was always nice to me. He told me several times I reminded him of a friend of his from Alaska. There was never a harsh word exchanged between us, but there was a woman in another area that apparently got under his skin. I don’t know why they were at loggerheads, but it got to a point he actually threated to stab her. This wasn’t said directly to her, but he said it to one of the

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