Damien leone’s terrifier 2 no escape shirt

With these steps, I managed to fix my beloved Icelandic wool beanie. I had been hoping to get rid of the Damien leone’s terrifier 2 no escape shirt Afterward sulphuric smell from the volcanic fields that had settled into the fabric and in a haste hand-washed it in the wrong way to the point that it shrunk to an unwearable size. In retrospective, it should have been enough to simply let it air out outside for a few days. This is counter intuitive I know, but I remember my Grandmother boiling a sweater in a pot of water and vinegar mixture with good results. My Mother had shrunk one of my father’s favorite sweaters. Wool is sheep hair and it has something of the affect of a “hair relaxer”. I have not had occasion to try this as I have not accidentally gotten my woolens in the wash& dry, but if you have nothing to lose, you might try it — some of these “old wives” remedies actually work. I bet you could Google it. I was quite young and don’t remember what the steps are after the boiling, but I imagine it would be blocking and drying flat making sure to shape as others have recommended. I do remember the sweater coming out of the pot kinda a mass of stretchy yarn and my grandmother cradling it before setting it down so that it wouldn’t stretch too much. I imagine the vinegar smell dissipates because Dad never found out about the shrinking of his sweater, or maybe it was just strong aftershave! Good luck with the sweater!

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Damien leone's terrifier 2 no escape shirt

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