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Globalization is here to stay, the US can stay away from it, but it will only cause more decline in the US economy. Even now, with Trump’s rhetoric against immigrants, he is setting the environment that is against all but white people, a racist atmosphere that will cause decline in the pipeline that fed America’s technology rise, the technology immigrant. What was a brain gain is turning into a brain drain. The dice are loaded in favor of China and others who can climb further up the economic ladder. With that equality, it will be harder for the US to be the master of all and dominate the world with its control and authority.

Jay Briscoe Reach For The Sky 1984 2023 Shirt

“For students like Ashok, permanent U.S. residency through a green card would be 10 years away at best. “America doesn’t want us to stay,” he said. Ashok wasn’t mad. He enjoyed graduate school, and it led to job options in Canada, France, Australia, the U.K. and back in India. He’s already accepted an offer in Singapore. Half of the Fortune 500 companies in America were founded by first or second generation immigrants. The Ashoks and Vikrams who are educated in the U.S. or migrate here to work in high tech do not take jobs from others in America. In fact, millions of computer science, engineering and manufacturing jobs in the United States will go unfilled due to a lack of qualified applicants. In high-tech manufacturing alone, Deloitte estimated

Jay Briscoe Reach For The Sky 1984 2023 Shirt hoodie don den

So, while Trump thinks he is winning by attempting to reduce China’s technology rise, in reality, he has improved it by his immigration policy. Under all the nice words is a theme that always rises. America is a land of white supremacist and is becoming something like Nazi Germany with its fascist leader Donald Trump. Immigrants made America great and their participation in STEM were a part of that rise. Trump, in one administration is destroying that strength built over generations. Look at the facts and one realizes the trade war is only completing the actions of America in decline.

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