Geminipremium – Joe Burrow Shirt Better Send Those Refunds

I put up my Yule Tree every December. The ornaments I put on it range from things handed down from my ancestors (I have a pair of yarn dolls my great-grandfather made for my father, they usually go on the Joe Burrow Shirt Better Send Those Refunds also I will do this tree first), to ornaments that reflect or honor nature (bird and animal shapes, feathers, holly and mistletoe), to things that have personal meaning to me (ornaments with the names and/or photos of beloved friends and pets), to some that are more overtly pagan (a witch on a broom, pentacles, moons, tarot cards). On the night of the Winter Solstice, I leave a candle burning somewhere safe (aka away from cats) through the night, to symbolize the return of the light. Those are just some of the things I do. I enjoy Christmas as a secular holiday as well, since it has become part of our culture. I exchange gifts with my close friends, gather for a meal together, and listen to (non-religious) Christmas carols. I do, and I did. The boxes are under my tree waiting for Christmas Eve to be opened. Thank you, family, who got together to get me what I wanted. I generally don’t have a preference, but this year I did.