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Well, I can only speculate as to why the world leaders are wearing hideous Mao shirts with matching patterns at the G20 summit. Perhaps they are trying to make a fashion statement? Or, more likely, they are trying to show solidarity with the Chinese people and their leader, Xi Jinping. Regardless of the reason, it is a bit of a fashion faux pas in my opinion! That, folks…was actually the LAST TIME these other Leaders would seriously pay attention to the man who currently occupies the Oval Office. They probably thought that since he had assumed the awesome mantle of the Presidency, that he would approach Global Economic talks with studied intelligence and nuance.

Houston Texans Welcome Home Coach DeMeco Shirt

Yes, especially if high heat is used. Some items I may dry part way on low heat, then hang, some I dry all the way on high heat or medium, and some just get hung. It takes knowing how the particular fabric will react to the heat. You have to use your judgement, but you’ll make a mistake now and then, and learn from it. Wool, Cotton and rayon shrink. Polyester does not. Some fabrics, like rayon knits, may get permanent wrinkles if put in a hot dryer. A good rule of thumb is that when something shrinks the first time, that’s the biggest shrink you will get at once, unless you use an even hotter wash of dryer setting. Cotton shrinks the most in length, but does shrink in width some too. The more it is washed in hot or very warm and dried in the dryer, over many washings it can shrink more, but the degree can vary from one garment to another.

Houston Texans Welcome Home Coach DeMeco Shirt Hoodie

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