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As a guy who does wear leggings- usually in the winter, which makes my method easier- I’ve found that it’s other men that tend to give you looks and not accept it, not girls. probably because the girls know how comfortable they are and don’t blame ya. But anyways, especially in North American culture, men are always battling to show their masculinity (obviously not all men, but I’m being general here to answer a general question) and will go to extreme extents to make sure things are “no homo.” If your derriere and groin are not covered by a garment other than the leggings, your outfit may not be appropriate. Ladies, I know you like wearing leggings, and I am right there with you that leggings are the most comfortable pants ever. It just doesn’t look classy showing off the hips the way most of you wear leggings. I have a lady friend who wears her leggings with a long sweater. Though she is not model thin, she looks both sexy and classy when she’s dressed this way. Maybe not classy enough for a wedding or funeral, but certainly classy enough to go to a nice restaurant or out to the movies.

Premium official Buffalo Bills 2023 NFL Playoffs Bills Mafia Regional Franklin Shirt

As far as reactions from others go, this might surprise you. Most women seem to like it. I catch a lot of them looking subtly. Older women notice it more often than younger women do, but I have noticed women of all ages looking, and a few of them stare. Some of them will pass by me and pretend like they have to pass me again, to do a double take. Usually older women do that. Younger women usually just sneak a peek as they walk by. I never get the impression that it’s in disapproval. Curiosity, or genuine pleasure seem to be their motivations.

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In my case, my legs are slightly bowed. It’s unnoticeable, unless you really look. It adds an extra curving effect to my legs. My calves and thighs look more pronounced. Not trying to toot my own horn, but I think that curving effect is what gets the the attention of the ladies. I think the ladies like it. Couple that with the fact that most women never get to see a guy in leggings and wallah, they enjoy looking. However, if you have the type of legs that can be flattered by leggings, then go for it. I think guys could and should wear leggings. It’s almost 2017. Leggings can be extremely comfortable. And some of them offer support to your legs. I see no reason why women should hog all those aspects of fashion to themselves. And besides, historically, guys wore tights first.

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