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The Chapel Jan 13 & 14 2023 San Francisco Shirt

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The Chapel Jan 13 & 14 2023 San Francisco Shirt Hoodie

I Am 14 and a boy, I have decided to wear bras everyday in my life because in my past I have had emotional, physical, and mental abuse… and I have severe ADHD and depression. With me wearing a bra to school and in my life where ever I go, I feel safer and I feel more open and confident, because it “hugs” the part of my body where it just calms me down. This is in all caps because I’m yelling this to make a point. IT IS COMPLETELY FINE WITH ANY AGED GUY TO WEAR BRAS AND PANTIES!! It’s okay and I recommend it for guys who have a tough time keeping calm and need a discrete way to hug your body to feel more calm. It helps me. I don’t care if I get put down or bullied, because I know who I am and what it is for. And plus it is really comfortable, it does get kinda annoying when you sweat or move around a lot, but get the right size, shape, and texture and it is really helpful.

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