Meredpremium – Stop, Drop And Casserole Shirt

For all his drunken abusiveness and dislike for me, he had expected to find a thousand other things under my covers. The one thing he did Not expect was to find me wearing a diaper. He had no idea how to process what he was seeing, so to avoid losing face, he just walked back out to the Stop, Drop And Casserole Shirt Furthermore, I will do this living room to my mother; mumbling something about she needed to deal with this one. Moments later, mom comes in and takes one look at me, and instantly I see her eyes darken. Through gritted teeth, she very quietly tells me to take the diaper off and go to sleep, that we would discuss the matter the next day. I didn’t sleep much at all that night, imagining a million different awkward and humiliating situations involving me at school, in a diaper, wearing girls’ clothes.