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Our parents would take a lot of pictures of us as kids at family activities. Alex and I would try to cover part of our tummies with our arms, but that didn’t look good in pictures, so instead we’d have to hold them on our hips or raised up in a high five or touching a sign or something near us. hey when i swim i wear swim briefs my parents have insisted i wear swim briefs rather than trunks for as long as i can remember.furthermore, i do not wear a top when swimming my parents claim that it’s dangerous as it contributes to the Travis Kelce Quote You Gotta Fight For Your Fight Shirt in contrast I will get this weight dragging you down when swimming. I grew up in the 1950s. We all wore swim briefs or snug fitting trunks that were short shorts. When we weren’t swimming in a public place we swim naked. I was one of the lucky kids that was gifted with poor control over my bodily functions.My swimsuit was actually a swim brief that handled a soiling. I must admit it was hard to tell as long as I got to the bathroom and had mom clean me up. Because of my problem I went to very few swim partys.