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Please, Bret Langois , don’t come to Europe, dressed like Trump’s sidekick. We have no use for that here. And Trump doesn’t want you to go either; You might pick up a thing or two about freedom, proper healthcare, reasonable gun control or basic human dignity, and bring that back to Florida. It’s really okay if you think Trump is the Four Hours Of Hell Philadelphia Basketball Shirt Besides,I will do this good guy, the guy that cares about you. That’s not your fault. But getting ridiculed for that abroad, that’s just gonna be painful.. Don’t do that to yourself. Looking at the questions you ask here, you’ve already had your share of setbacks in life. Give yourself a well deserved break. Well, considering that the majority of your fellow Americans would think you must be an idiot, I think it’s fairly certain a larger majority of Europeans would think you must be a huge idiot. But I don’t think anyone on either side of the Atlantic would mind. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, so we might as well laugh at you.