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You’re probably wondering if there are any advantages to digital printing over screen printing, and there are. Because of its speed and versatility, digital printing is an attractive option for businesses seeking to produce their own custom t-shirts at a lower cost. Digital printing can be done in a variety of colors—and often more than one color per unit—while screen-printed shirts typically only come in black or white. This makes it much easier for you as a business owner to create unique designs for your customers’ needs, which increases sales opportunities and brings excitement into what could otherwise be an ordinary experience.

2023 National Champions Georgia Bulldogs shirt

Screen printing also takes longer than digital printing: from start to finish, it’s about three weeks total versus two days for digital prints. This means that if you’re looking for something quick and easy (and don’t have big production runs), then go with the latter option instead! Digital printing is a bit more difficult to learn than screen printing. When you use digital printing, you need a computer and software. You also have to be very careful if you want your image to come out right. Screen printing is much easier to learn because it involves using stencils and screens instead of computers and software. This makes it possible for anyone who can draw or paint an image on paper with markers or crayons to make custom t-shirts without having any special training or equipment beyond what they already own! When it comes to materials, digital printing uses water-based inks and screen printing employs solvent-based inks. Water-based inks are environmentally friendly because they don’t require solvents for the application process. Screen printing, on the other hand, uses harmful chemicals like methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or xylene that can be toxic when released into the environment.

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The next thing to look at when comparing digital printing versus screen printing is cost. The bottom line is that digital printing is significantly cheaper than screen printing, and this makes it an excellent choice for small businesses and individuals who want to order only a handful of shirts. It’s also easier to scale up or down the amount you order based on the demand for your brand—you don’t have to worry about having an entire batch of shirts sitting around if sales aren’t as great as you thought they might be! And if you want a new design for your next order? With digital printing, all it takes is one click and change in the file name before sending it off again.

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