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Crociani always adds a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, so she decorated another bomber jacket with silver molds of wheat flowers growing at her Italian villa, attached with safety pins in an homage to the ’80s. Such an eclectic enmeshment of old and new embodies her sustainable spirit, but a bit of structure could serve well.

In the land The Wizard of Oz shirt

The capsule features clothing and accessories, with scenes and characters from the film drawn, embroidered or inlaid onto leather goods, sweaters, jackets and shirts. Details include appliqué, raffia or feathers. Scenes of the film are printed in the lining of tweed jackets, or on shirts and shorts.

In the land The Wizard of Oz shirt

Bruno Levy is leveraging his career as a tattoo artist for his first fashion label. Levy, who also works as a multidisciplinary artist and tattoos out of Brooklyn’s Bandit Studio, is releasing his first fashion label, called Cigarettes by Bruno Levy, on Tuesday. The brand marks Levy’s first solo venture in the fashion world after working with brands like Hermès, Adidas, Cole Haan and others on previous projects.

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