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The executive also confirmed that Chloé is profitable.The company was able to log such quick progress by focusing on the “traditional volume pillars” of the brand. “There, we needed solutions in design, materiality and construction, that would help us accelerate,” the executive said. “Cutting cotton is a business decision as much as a design decision. You can’t achieve an ambitious, sustainable progress on sustainability without a strong synergy between creative and business.

Pink Beautiful Trauma Tour shirt

Perceived wisdom says that New York is the start of the fashion season, but the Danes and the Danophiles know that Copenhagen is where the action is this week. The weather forecasters are predicting more rain than sun, and there’s a chill in the air. Maybe that’s why we spotted furry leg warmers and boots (perhaps inspired by the local favorite Soulland) on day one. Also on our radar: puffer coats from Stine Goya, and more of the balaclavas that popped up outside the Paris men’s collections. Follow along as Acielle Tanbetova captures the best photos from the Copenhagen shows.

I streamed waterparks in Antarctica shirt

In 2017, Shea Moisture, a beloved brand within the natural hair community, was acquired by Unilever along with other Sundial Brands, and dedicated users of their lines began to notice significant changes in their formulas. The Unilever-backed version of the company also put out a questionable commercial that made it clear there had been a shift in the brand’s targeted demographic and that Black people were no longer being considered in the same way they had been before.

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