Picturestees Clothing – Red Logo Fiero Owners Association shirt

Buy this shirt: Red Logo Fiero Owners Association shirt, hoodie, tannk top and long sleeve tee

Their first collection was for fall 2022, and Fraser said she sees a noticeable change. “The level of cohesion and the clarity of the storytelling is remarkable. I love how we see through the showrooms and windows and how it can look in the stores,” she said.

Red Logo Fiero Owners Association shirt

“It’s just crazy that Miley chose us out of millions and millions of opportunities that land on her lap every single day, and I’m just beyond grateful for just what she’s already done and how much she loves it and believes in it,” Vita said.

Red Logo Fiero Owners Association shirt

It’s not clear exactly how big a slice that is compared to its overall figures, but with more than 390 billion pins and more than 400 million monthly active users, even a modest proportion would amount to a chunk of business — which would help explain Pinterest’s ongoing investment in video. For Zylstra, the Condé Nast partnership matters because it is “helping us meet [what users] need and showcasing Pinterest as a home for great video content.” — ADRIANA LEE

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