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For her sophmore show as a guest on the couture calendar, Spanish designer Juana Martin continued to express her pride in her Andalusian gypsy heritage through her brand founded in 1999. This was clear from the first clack of the heels of flamenco dancer Rubén Molina, who kicked off the show with a rousing performance.

The Captain Action Pack shirt

Earlier Tuesday, Nichols College’s endowed professor of data science Kevin Mentzer challenged the idea that NFTs are digital art and that they are collectibles, explaining that he considers art to be the “Mona Lisa” and collectibles are a baseball card. After Millsaps asked if he considered Andy Warhol’s series of Campbell soup cans to be art, Mentzer said he would consider those to be art, because he grew up being told they were and the groundbreaking nature of them.

The Captain Action Pack shirt

Buzzy footwear label Loeffler Randall committed to the bridal market this week with the debut of its inaugural bridal capsule of ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories. The launch follows the brand’s organic growth in the market for their codes of classic and elegant styles.

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