Salmontee – Tamari Key I’ll Be Back Shirt

What I wonder is, what’s the Tamari Key I’ll Be Back Shirt in other words I will buy this point of traveling to a place, only to alienate yourself from the inhabitants? To me, the whole point of traveling is to interact with the people there. Sure, you can look at buildings and eat local foods, but it’s going to be a lonely experience with people looking upon you with a mixture of pity and revulsion. It’s clear you’re looking for some kind of attention, and that’ll be obvious to Europeans as well. I think most people will want nothing to do with you. You know, someday you might want to go back there on your own. You would be throwing away the chance to both enjoy your youth now, and to make friends now who’ll still be there when you grow up, make some money, and want to travel. You’re definitely not getting laid in that outfit, either, lol.