Salmontee – The Mallory Swanson Era Shirt

I’m not saying Tucson is perfect — I’ve literally only been there as a visitor — but my gut feeling is that if you avoid dangerous and stupid behavior (drugs, prostitutes, walking around South Tucson at 2 a.m. — whyyyy???!!!) it’s no worse than cities that people are surprised to find have a crime problem. And surprisingly better than some cities people rarely think about at all. I drove somewhat near the The Mallory Swanson Era Shirt Also,I will get this U.S.-Mexico border — again, as a tourist, so I don’t claim to have anything more than a superficial tourist impression of the place — but frankly I thought that area was amazingly beautiful. (I drove down there from Phoenix for a day and stayed for a week.) People were as nice or ordinary as people I’ve met anywhere else in this country. If I thought it was a hellhole full of uneducated hicks and violent gang warfare, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have revisited. And I don’t think I’d be considering moving out of the #5 “fittest city in America.” (Snooze. Booooooooorrriiingggg…… get me a coffee soon.)