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mind. She’s not sure how she’ll afford to keep the heat on this winter to manage the symptoms connected to her fibromyalgia and arthritis. “I think the government thinks that we should just either starve to death or freeze to death,” said DeBurgo, who noted that she has never voted for the Conservatives and does not identify with a political party. DeBurgo is concerned about how she will keep her home heated in the winter as energy costs soar. Vine echoes such concerns. “Obviously we’re incredibly worried as the colder months come in because we do think it’s going to lead to more older people dying,” she said. Almost 10,000 people died in England and Wales in 2021 because their homes were too cold, according to the NHS. In a statement last week, NHS leaders warned of an impending “humanitarian crisis” if the government doesn’t address energy costs, saying that fuel poverty “will inevitably lead to significant extra demand on what are already very fragile services,” and could increase the number of annual deaths associated with cold homes. Hospitals in Britain are already close to buckling under the pressure, with older people especially vulnerable to gaps in service that include hospital waiting lists at a record high and a shortage of workers. In August, the country saw two examples of such failings. A 90-year-old woman reportedly waited 40 hours for an ambulance after falling at home in Cornwall, southwest England. Her son, Stephen Syms, posted on Facebook that she fell on a Sunday evening and that the ambulance arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and that his mother then waited another 20 hours to be seen by a doctor in the hospital. “The system is totally broken,” he told BBC Cornwall. has reached out to the Cornwall NHS Trust for comment. And in another incident in Cornwall, an 87-year-old man

Official stay cool let's ride T-shirt

runs 13 poultry plants from North Carolina to Texas, processing about 13.6 million chickens a week. The company supplies grocery chains including Walmart Inc. and Albertsons Cos. as well as restaurant distributors like Sysco Corp. and US Foods Holding Corp. Combining Sanderson with Georgia-based Wayne Farms LLC, a poultry company owned by Continental, would form a new competitor representing about 15% of U.S. chicken production, according to data from Watt Poultry USA. Tyson Foods Inc. leads the industry with about one-fifth of the market, while Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. represents about 16% of the national total. Stocks in this Article WMT WALMART, INC. $145.23 -0.26 (-0.18%) ACI ALBERTSONS COMPANIES $24.56 +1.41 (+6.09%) SYY SYSCO CORP. $73.92 +0.40 (+0.54%) USFD US FOODS HOLDING CORP $34.11 +0.53 (+1.58%) PPC PILGRIMS PRIDE $21.28 +0.27 (+1.29%) SHAK SHAKE SHACK $90.36 -2.36 (-2.55%) KHC THE KRAFT HEINZ CO. $37.20 +0.26 (+0.70%) QSR RESTAURANT BRANDS INTERNATIONAL, INC. $63.63 -0.27 (-0.42%) These are boom times for the often-cyclical chicken industry. Surging demand for chicken breasts, wings and other products has propelled poultry prices as restaurants reopen and — in the case of the chains like McDonald’s Corp. MCD and Shake Shack Inc. — battle to launch crispy chicken sandwiches. Wholesale breast prices are roughly double what they were at the beginning of the year, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data; wing prices have hit records. Sanderson’s sales for the quarter ended April 30 climbed by about one-third and its profits jumped to $97 million, versus $6 million

Official stay cool let's ride T-s Hoodie

during the same period in 2020. Sanderson got its start in 1947 as a farm-supply store. Joe Sanderson, the founder’s grandson, has been the company’s chief executive since 1989 and chairman since 1998. He owns approximately 3.7% of the company’s shares, according to a regulatory filing. Wayne Farms was founded in 1895 as a feed-milling company and later expanded into poultry. Continental bought the company in 1981, and in 2015 announced plans for an initial public offering for Wayne, aiming to consolidate smaller private and family-owned chicken companies. Continental shelved the planned IPO after avian influenza outbreaks killed millions of birds, raising costs for U.S. poultry and egg suppliers. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESS Closely held Cargill, a 156-year-old company with 155,000 employees in 70 countries, is one of the world’s biggest food suppliers. It buys crops, trades sugar and cotton and processes meat, supplying some of the world’s biggest consumer brands and restaurant chains. The Minnesota-based company is a major chicken supplier in Asia and has other poultry operations in Canada, the U.K. and in Latin America. New York-based Continental invests in food and agriculture companies including giants like Kraft Heinz Co. KHC 0.70% and Burger King parent Restaurant Brands International Inc. QSR -0.42%

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