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There is a pyramid structure with regard to the types of customers that the super brands or haute design labels like Burberry or Versace use. And I personally think it’s a superb marketing strategy even though it may seem quite deceiving from the point of a customer. Thus, owning a piece from these brands , the society perceives that you live a certain lifestyle and have the financial stability to afford one. Customers- Celebrities- Movie stars, Rockstars etc and prosperous business families and people. ( Not as rich and vain as the exclusive circle, yet more than well-to-do.) Products- Pretty exclusive designs and very limited in number of the products produced such as 10–50 or maybe even 100.

Alabama Basketball Best Team In The Country Shirt

This portion is what brings the glamour and media attention. Celebrities are called to attend fashion shows or dressed in their designs because it brings a certain association with the status of the celebrity. This section influences the mass market. Hence for brands to create noise, stand out and to reach out to the public or the mass crowd to make money and grow their business, runway shows with their outrageous designs are essential. It should be seen as a guilty pleasure of the designers, marketing tool for the company and to entice the regular audience.

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I hope you’ve liked my answer. If you did, please upvote my answer that I can reach out to more people with the same query. Thank you! You invent a new technology, for example, a medication. You apply for a patent. If granted, you’ll have twenty years to explore the market exclusively without competition. But, after this period is done, competitors will enter the market and your product will lose value. What do you do, then? Branding. Before putting your product in the market, you also invent a new name for it. You also apply for an IP protection for it. In most countries, actually, you even go to the same office that handles both patents and trademarks. However, trademarks, instead of patents, are renewable. If you keep renewing the ip title, you can have them forever! You have now a product that is both protected through a patent (technology) and through trademark (name, logo, etc). After twenty years, you’ll only have the latter… This means you have twenty years before the patent expiration to work on your trademark. Commercials, Symposiums, propaganda, influencers, you use all the marketing tools available in order to insert your trademark in people’s imaginary. So much so, that when thre patent is expired and the competitors begin to copy your technology, you’ll be so much ahead of them, they’ll never reach you. This way, you’ll still be able to charge more from your product.

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