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“This is extremely sad news. Rest in peace, Mrs. Vivienne Westwood. She is a calculating person who has driven the pinnacle of British fashion and has continued with that brave original spirit throughout her career. She disrupted notions of femininity and gender, and was one of the first to demand that fashion do better with regard to climate — and without a doubt, one of the first. the easiest original people I’ve ever met. Fashion, art and culture will mourn the passing of a great woman who shaped how we wear and what we wear.” “Vivienne Westwood should not be summed up with a cliché Instagram caption. She can’t – you can’t even summarize her in an entire damn book. Through punk, she’s essentially influenced the way humanity perceives culture, changing more than just how she dresses. But when it comes to costumes, her work is revolutionary. Along with Gabrielle Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, her work has had the greatest impact on modern clothing. Although ‘modern’ is a word she loathes. Maybe ‘fashion’ too – because Westwood constantly complains about the limitations of fashion, because she always wants to communicate something bigger, somehow more important than your looks. She herself said it best: “You will have a more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes.” Hers is the most impressive.

Nelson and murdock avocados at law matt murdock daredevil Marvel shirt

“Without Vivienne no Rei, John, Lee and hundreds of others. She changed my life when we first met in 1976. Forever. You are the Queen. Thank you for everything you have given us.” “It seems that two lives ago, at the age of 16, I quit smoking after leaving the hairdresser next to Vivienne’s. It felt like Charlie was staring through the gates of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I never knew Vivienne, I never met her once, but she seems to have been on my mind since I was a kid. Goodbye, Vivienne Westwood – what a pleasure.” “We are deeply saddened to hear that British designer and activist Vivienne Westwood has died aged 81. Through her creativity and innovation, she has led the way, inspiring others. To be myself. As a fashion revolutionary, her work has not only transformed the fashion industry—giving birth to and defining punk style—but also driving positive change across the globe. Her legacy will define generations to come. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. “When I was 20 years old, Vivienne’s runway show with works on Sex, Rebels and Apocalypse was held. I was a student at Bunka Fashion Collage at the time, and Hiroshi Fujiwara let me join the show as a model. At the end of the show, when Vivienne was about to say hello, she took my hand and started walking together to the end of the runway. I was surprised at the time but I felt very happy when the mother of punk took my hand. She created a movement called “punk”—connecting rebellious music and fashion with Malcolm McLaren—and had a significant influence on me. I hope to be able to pass on Vivienne’s punk spirit to the next generation in my own way, if only a little. Rest in peace.”

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“I wonder if Vivienne Westwood is cycling this week. I remember sewing a Lycra swimsuit on an in-house sewing machine for Vivienne in Paris on one of the first times I went there for fashion week in 1982. As a teenager, I also did used to buy tons of swimsuits, from Pirates to Tech Barbarians to Witches, through the Buffalo Gals collections and when Azzedine supported her work with shows at his tailor shop in Paris—endless memories of perception, investigation, and anticipation of how she will develop the next model. I was even in the Buffalo Gals video when Malcolm McLaren pulled us in at the time. It’s amazing when you think about the extent to which hedonism informed her rebellions. So much to unpack and look at with her legacy. Vivienne is huge and always will be. This adorable photo of her with her sons Joe and Ben reminds me of knowing them innocently while being obsessed with Vivienne’s work as a teenager and throughout… I think this time. I first heard the term salon while listening to Viv—very curious and questioning in my experiment. Thank god for Vivienne Westwood. Condolences to all your loved ones. Hope they keep your character at the center of what’s to come! I know this has to happen, but really wish it wasn’t Vivienne. This surprised us. Now, truth, honesty, and questioning are more valuable than ever now that we have lost a heroine in its order.”

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