Squirreltee – Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LVII Star Trail Shirt

As a parent I was usually gone to work when my sons were still using diapers for #1 & #2 but recall more than a few instances of being home on weekends/holidays, being the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LVII Star Trail Shirt also I will do this 1st one awake and I’d peek in their rooms and you could smell it, someone had a “loaded” Pamper. I wouldn’t wake them up as I’d often be up at 5:30 AM and then would have to deal with them feeding (breast fed, wife would had cut my balls off) etc, and they’d almost always stay asleep until roughly 7 AM, which is when the ex would wake up. The only times I remember them waking up dirty and crying was if they had a “loose/watery” mess as I know how those attack the hell out of ones’ skin (I’m disabled and aside from urinary incontinence sometimes live with functional incontinence when I literally can’t even get out of bed) which quickly becomes itchy and if not attended to in short order, painful.