Squirreltee – Super Bowl LVII 2023 Mickey Mouse Phi Eagles Vs KC Chiefs Shirt

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Google Adsense is what you here all time where advertisers will pay you if people watch at least 30 seconds of your ads on your videos, but this method can take a really long time to even make a good enough amount of money to say your making money with it. Since I’m being 100% honest, this should honestly be your lowest income source when it comes to becoming a Youtuber. Next we have Affiliate Marketing which is the most common and one of favorite ways to make money as a Youtuber. Affiliate Marketing is basically where lets say you refer your favorite gaming headphones, you would tell your subscriber/fan base about them and what makes them a great product and then you would get a unique link to put in the description of your video and if someones purchases them through your link you will actually make a percentage of the sale for referring that person. This can actually really add up and make you quite a bit of money in the long run. (Quick Tip) – Make sure that the products or services that you promote are products are services that you would actually promote yourself and don’t just do it for the money because you will honestly make more money referring stuff that you actually like and use then stuff you really don’t care for.

Super Bowl LVII 2023 Mickey Mouse Phi Eagles Vs KC Chiefs Shirt

Third, now that you started your dream business with an minimal viable product, try to make it a success without asking for loans, or investments from anyone. Just let your product prove itself in the market and use its revenues to support itself. At this stage you need just a market viability proof so you can have statistics and numbers in your brief case. Fourth, baby you are ready to talk to investors, start with friends and family, then angel investors and finaly talk to venture capitalists . Use the money to get the rest of your 80% of features and expand your marketing and distrbution network, grow your team and so on. Never ask money for your own salary. P.S: If you like my writing style and you would like to learn how to do business as a career path from level zero to level 100, join my education project on patreon and join my community on discord. Links are on my profile. I’m going to be 100% honest with you. Being a beginner Youtuber, many people will tell you its all about the views and f you don’t get the views you won’t make any money which is true to an extent. What’s true is views matter but you don’t have to have millions of views to make money. So here below are a few ways that you can make money as a beginner Youtuber.

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First you need to secure your own personal living expenses and keep it separate from your business. In fact you might not be able to make any income from your business for the next 3 to 5 years. 95% of startups fail and no one want to invest in your living expense to float yourself first by a job or a side income like freelancing or something. Second, you need to get a startup budget on your own, no debts or borrowing from friends or family nor investments. Create a source of income in order to create minimium viable product that deliver 80% of the value with only 20% of the features. In order to do that you may need to start another product or a simple business, basically hustle or save whatever extra you make to have enough money to pay for your MVP.

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