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Any worry about filth is irrational. Why? Because nurses and doctors are trained to keep any patient’s risk of infection completely clean and separate from any contaminants. In other words, they are not rubbing their scrubs on your open wounds. If there is any risk that is greater than that of “normal”, medical practitioners put on a sterile gown over the The Big Dance March Madness 2023 Southern Utah Women’s Basketball Shirt In addition,I will do this scrubs, sterile gloves, et cetera. Surgery is different. Here, anyone participating in the surgery wears clean scrubs, and when done, they place them in a hamper to be washed again. You shouldn’t be worrying about this at all. What you should be worrying about is hand-washing. Now that is what’s important. In most ER’s I have worked in most of the doctors wear scrubs and also a white coat over them. That is what I wear while working. I find that the most comfortable and practical. Some docs I work with just wear scrubs but no white coat. A couple of docs I work with choose to wear their own clothes, usually a golf shirt and pants under a white coat.