Squirreltee – The Send Refunds Shirt

I wear sports compression tights for exercise. Why? Because they are comfortable, they are made for men, they offer better muscular support, offer an added warmth layer, and aid in speeding up recovery after workouts. I don’t wear them to gain approval from onlookers, but neither do I wear them in a way that causes unnecessary distraction to others either. Those who assume negatively and wrongfully claim I look gay, effeminate, etc need to get a life and take a long hard look at themselves before throwing stones. There are a few different types of bras that work well under t-shirts. For example, a seamless or wireless bra can provide a smooth look under fitted t-shirts. A balconette style bra can also be a good option under t-shirts, as it can provide a bit of lift and support without being too noticeable. Ultimately, it depends on your individual preferences and what type of t-shirt you plan on wearing.