Squirreltee – Travis Kelce Is Hot Shirt

If a man wants to wear a shorter shirt, he can do so also, but he needs to be aware of what he is putting out on display. Ensuring his presentation isn’t attention seeking or disrespectful. I’m a guy who wears basic black leggings regularly. I wear them, with a shirt, long enough to cover my front and rear. I don’t wear them with shorts, because I think it’s unnecessary. NOT GAY. As far as reactions from others go, this might surprise you. Most women seem to like it. I catch a lot of them looking subtly. Older women notice it more often than younger women do, but I have noticed women of all ages looking, and a few of them stare. Some of them will pass by me and pretend like they have to pass me again, to do a double take. Usually older women do that. Younger women usually just sneak a peek as they walk by. I never get the Travis Kelce Is Hot Shirt so you should to go to store and get this impression that it’s in disapproval. Curiosity, or genuine pleasure seem to be their motivations. Some guys notice too, but don’t focus on it that much. I’ve only had two guys give me a dirty look. They were Middle Eastern guys. You can draw your own conclusions about that.