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But believing in an “Aryan Jesus” does not mean (like some people would like to and have interpreted it) that he believed in Jesus Christ “the Washington Redskins Retro 8-bit Helmet Shirt in other words I will buy this messiah” in the sense Christians believe in him. All of the above rhetoric is meant to be a historical explanation of who Jesus was. He believed in an “Aryan Jesus” in a historical and not spiritual sense. Here is another grasp of what Hitler thought of God and religion: This intrusion upon the world marks the end of a long reign, that of the clear Grasco-Latin genius. What is this God who takes pleasure only in seeing men grovel before Him? Try to picture to yourselves the meaning of the following, quite simple story. God creates the conditions for sin. Later on He succeeds, with the help of the Devil, in causing man to sin. Then He employs a virgin to bring into the world a son who, by His death, will redeem humanity!