Squirreltee – WWE WrestleMania 39 Star Logo Shirt

The cost of manufacturing is increasingly influenced by advances in automation. With this progress the WWE WrestleMania 39 Star Logo Shirt Additionally,I will love this cost of labor, and consequently geography, will play less of a role as delivery times become more important. A recent article citing a Chinese company building a factory to manufacture t-shirts in the US summed it up nicely: , based in the Suzhou Industrial Park in eastern China, will unveil a $20 million factory staffed by about 330 robots from Atlanta-based Softwear Automation Inc. The botmaker and garment company estimate the factory will stitch about 23 million T-shirts a year. The cost per shirt, according to Pete Santora, Softwear’s chief commercial officer: 33¢. Per the article, it took Softwear Automation Inc. seven years to develop the technology, and the outcome is impressive: these bots will produce a t-shirt every 26 seconds.