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Kurashi no Kaori’s customers are mostly in their 20s and 30s – something Konaka didn’t expect at the beginning of the franchise. “At first, I had the impression that there were a lot of older people buying our products, but a year after the store opened, I was surprised to see so many young people coming in,” he said. “I like to imagine that young people leaving the countryside to work in Tokyo, they can use our fragrance as they start a new life in the city.” The Bloom Diffuser by Kurashi no Kaori. Much of what Konaka learned about the perfume business came from his family. He is the grandson of Tadanori Konaka, the founder of Nippon Kodo, Japan’s largest and most successful incense maker with a history dating back to 1575 as an incense maker for the Emperor. Incense is big business in Japan—most Japanese use it to remember loved ones who have passed away at cemeteries or at home—and Nippon Kodo dominates the market.

Pray for damar 3 we are with you damar love for 3 helmet shirt

“I remember when my father came home from work, his clothes smelled. Konaka says a blend of rosewood and sandalwood. After first entering the corporate finance path of a mixed-race son (Konaka worked at a Japanese bank for four years before leaving to study in Arizona), he finally moved on. managed his father’s position at Daiko, another family company that cooperated with Nippon Kodo to import incense. Element. “My father didn’t push me to take over the company or the business, and I didn’t imagine I would,” he said. “But since I was born, I have been experiencing, learning and listening to stories about scents or scents. So it feels natural.” The interior of the Kurashi no Kaori store in Ginza.

Pray for damar 3 we are with you damar love for 3 helmet s Hoodie

Konaka is motivated by the belief that becoming more familiar with the subtleties of fragrance will have a stimulating effect on how we perceive the world around us. “I don’t think scent alone enriches our lives, but by experiencing the fragrance in your own home, you can then go out and feel the scent of the blooming magnolia. bloom, or smell the air and realize that autumn has come,” he told me. This may sound like a foam mouth pose in another context, but the way Konaka says it is convincing — and completely sincere. “I think if you have more opportunities to really feel the scents around you, it can make you re-appreciate the beauty of everyday life and appreciate the things that you normally can’t. ignore,” he laughed. “I hope we can give that a chance.”

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