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“It’s been important to me personally to invest in those new startups and in the future of fashion because I’m a fan of fashion,” McCartney said of her involvement in the fund. “I am working every day with so many incredible tech brands. We are developing the documents and solutions together, and then I will put them into a business model. For me to use my partners [and] my contacts to upgrade things [through the fund]—you could really see a meaningful change.” The brand launched the Frayme bag made from Mylo, an alternative leather made from mushroom roots, during its spring 2022 show in 2021. In addition to backing new innovations in sustainable textiles , the designer has focused on the importance of improving biodiversity, whether on her own organic farm—where she has launched a new rebuilding project inspired by the owner. her theme for spring 2023—until her latest pre-fall collection, where she uses regenerated cotton for the first time. McCartney worked with Söktaş, a family-run farm in Turkey, on a pilot project backed by LVMH to convert 5 hectares of land from organic cotton to regenerated cotton. (The latter not only ensures that no fertilizers or pesticides are used in the process, but also ensures that the soil and ecosystem that helps cotton grow are actively cared for and restored.) “It’s exciting. ; it took about three years [to achieve],” she said of the brand’s latest milestone. “I really hope that one day these things will be subsidized by the government.”

40oz Beer Guns San Francisco 49ers Shirt

Stella McCartney is launching a brand new circular parka made from Econyl, 100% recycled and recycled. Courtesy of Stella McCartney That’s just one of the reasons McCartney continues to partner with innovators who are developing more sustainable materials like Econyl, a recycled nylon created from discarded fishing nets. go and other plastic waste. This month, the brand will launch its first commercially available, all-circle garment: a parka made from 100% recycled and recyclable Econyl. McCartney previously launched Infinite Hoodies made with NuCyl—a fiber designed to break down and reuse into countless future garments—with Adidas in 2019, but only 50 were offered. level at that time. “The parka closes the loop completely—it’s 100% wasteful and then [when you’re done] you can take it back to the Stella McCartney store or you can use the QR code on it and post it, and we McCartney explained. “That’s really cool—for me, it’s more fun than just saying, ‘Oh, I really like the neon green matte boots this season.’ It’s the most fashionable thing you can do if you’re working in the fashion world right now.” Along with Econyl, McCartney has collaborated with the likes of Bolt Threads on “no skin” Mylo, made from mushroom roots (the designer was part of the original “consortium” of brands that support the company) and a “wine skin” produced by the Italian company Vegea made from grape waste. Meanwhile, McCartney also helped found a new $200 million fund called Collab SOS, which invests in companies like Bolt Threads. Other projects the fund has supported include Natural Fiber Welding, which has created a plastic-free leather substitute called Mirum, and Protein Evolution, a startup that has developed a engineered process to allow plastic waste (including nylon and polyester) to be recycled endlessly. Recycling.

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However, while McCartney is pushing for these changes in the designer community, she makes it clear that legislation is what is really needed to make significant progress. That’s why she’s attending the G7 Summit in Cornwall in 2020 and is one of a number of designers who have supported the New York Fashion Act—a proposed bill that would require any fashion brands that do business in New York and have annual global sales of more than $100 million to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as their use of energy, water, materials, and plastics, and to manage their chemistry. “We are not a regulated industry,” explains the designer. “We are not subsidized in a positive way. I am taxed on my non-leather goods when they enter the US, sometimes more than twice as much as on goods made from animal skins – I count that on my profits, I don’t put it that on its customers. If I stick pig skin on the product itself, the tax amount can be greatly reduced. To me that was shocking; I talked to people like Biden at the G7 and John Kerry [about it]. These are the things we have to change. We have to put penalties in our industry — the auto industry has it; The airline industry has it.”

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