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This year, we’ve said goodbye to skinny jeans in favor of loose, baggy jeans. Thanks to stylish stars like Emily Ratajkowski, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jennifer Lawrence, Katie Holmes, etc., wide and loose denim has proven to be much more popular than straight leg pants. Achieve the looks courtesy of Agolde, Raey, Khaite and Everlane. With brands like The Row and Cos in our back pockets, it’s no surprise that something as classic as a crew-neck sweater has dominated our cart in 2022. What makes it all? What makes this even more special is that they add a welcome pop of color to any piece of timeless seams or when layered over a pair of winter white jeans. This year also marks the launch of Gigi Hadid’s popular knitwear brand, Guest in Residence, which includes a variety of cozy, colorful cashmere tops meant to last for years, not just seasons.

Ocean Blvd did you know that there's a tunnel under ldr shirt

Without a doubt, 2022 is Adidas’ year, whether it’s multiple collaborations with luxury fashion houses like Gucci and Wales Bonner or the unsurpassed popularity of Gazelle and Samba sneakers. The classic shoe style has been loved by everyone from Fashion Week attendees to celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber. Other heritage brands have also been successful, from New Balance to Nike. A luxury option from Loewe is also not to be missed. This fall, we’ve nominated the vest as a must-have of the season due to its immense popularity not only in streetwear sets but also in Vogue itself. Once a menswear classic, the vests from Mango, Zara, Raey and Frankie Shop have been redesigned with a chic, flattering silhouette that adds formal depth to any outfit. Obviously, this is the year that tailoring won.

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This year has proven that a tailored knit is just as comfortable as your favorite and 10 times prettier. The cozy outfit combination epitomizes the no-fuss approach to dress no matter which one you choose, whether it’s a matching cashmere suit from The Row or a knitted dress by Tory Burch. Both labels prioritize creating wearable, timeless and—most importantly—comfortable clothing. The logo printed tank top is a must-have item in this year’s street style set. With a tribute to Prada and Loewe, these ribbed neck tanks have officially reached their cult potential. And after a long time out of stock, trendy tops have finally returned to the market. Other options for the more minimalist-minded include these by Toteme and Nili Lotan.

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