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Formula 1 subsequently changed the rules about what drivers can wear on the podium after races. Hamilton takes the fairly obvious reaction to his statement in stride: “Well, they’vechanged a lot of rules after a lot of things that I’ve done.” Hamilton also talks to WSJ. Magazine about being the lone Black driver to reach the top of Formula 1, and the other sports icons that he’s looked to on his journey. “My dad and I would watch people like Tiger [Woods] who kind of broke the mold, and we watched in admiration. The Williams sisters also did the same,” he says. “We’re like, ‘Oh, if we could do something like that, that’s going to help change the industry moving forward.’ ” He previously spoke to PEOPLE last year about the challenges of being Black and growing up on the racing circuit, and how he moved through. He said at the time, “We had things thrown at us, particularly a lot of words, but my dad said, ‘Do your talking on the track,’ because I’m a fighter. I got bullied at school, so I always wanted to be able to defend myself, or fight back, but my dad’s like, ‘Do your talking on the track.’ ”

I Want To Feel Loved shirt

The Innovator Awards — which have been presented for 10 years — honor inspiring talents from a variety of cultural pursuits. Following up last year’s all-virtual Innovator Awards, WSJ. Magazine is again premiering a virtual 2021 presentation on the same night as the in-person ceremony in New York City, on Nov. 1 at 8:00 p.m. EST. On Wednesday, Kelly, 31, appeared on The Tonight Show and proved — even when solo — Fox will always be with him as he donned a t-shirt with the actress’ face on it. The black and white look featured a graphic of Fox licking a lighter from her famous scene in the 2009’s Jennifer’s Body. Kelly layered the t-shirt over a glittering sweater teamed with glossy black pants. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that Kelly used a fashion statement to express his love for Fox, 35.

I Want To Feel Loved hoodie

In September, Kelly and Fox were spotted by TMZ stepping out in New York City with matching outfits — hitting the streets of SoHo in black leather pants and the same white graphic t-shirt. The Transformers star paired her look with black heels and a zebra-print Bottega Veneta pouch while the “Bloody Valentine” rocker tied his look together with white Dr. Martens and a chain necklace. During his Wednesday appearance on the Tonight Show, Kelly told Jimmy Fallon about accidentally hurting himself while attempting to pull off a stunt for Fox at the start of their relationship. Kelly revealed that he punctured himself in the hand with a knife from Travis Barker when he was trying to show off in front of Fox. “Travis got me this knife that had an engravement from the new album on it and I was like, ‘Check this out, this is sick,’ and I threw it up and it came and stuck in my hand,” the rapper said of the trick.

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